Why Should You Have a Physical PayMaya Card

What is the difference between a virtual and physical PayMaya card?

Why should you have a physical PayMaya card if you already have a virtual card in your account?

To answer the above question, we have to know the difference between the two card types.

The virtual PayMaya card can be used during online transactions or digital purchases. For instance, I have used my virtual PayMaya card when I purchased the domain and hosting for this blog last year. It’s similar to using a credit card online with the only difference that it is a prepaid card.

The virtual card is the type of card that is generated in your PayMaya account and can be viewed after adding at least Php100.00. Below this amount, you will not be able to view your virtual card.

The physical PayMaya card, on the other hand, is a Visa prepaid card that can be linked to your PayMaya account. It utilizes the money in that same account so in essence, your physical and virtual card use the same account fund.

Physical PayMaya Card

Why order a Physical PayMaya card?

The physical PayMaya card can be used in payments using POS (point-of-sale) terminals in department stores, restaurants, and other business establishments that accept debit or credit cards.

Therefore, if you want to do cashless payments without using a credit card, then you should get a physical PayMaya card. This is particularly beneficial if you would like to change the method that you use for cashless payments – from credit card to prepaid card.

The best part, you will be very conscious of purchasing stuff as this is the same as using your own cash and not through credit.

Another good reason for having a physical PayMaya card is the added security and peace of mind when using this card in POS terminals.

When an unauthorized purchase happens to your card, the amount that would be compromised is only the value that is loaded to your card and not beyond that.

In contrast, when unauthorized purchase happens to your credit card, the amount could reach your limit and worst, even more than that. The same is true for debit cards, where your whole savings in the bank could be compromised.

Things that you need to know about the physical PayMaya card

Before ordering a physical card, here are a few things that you need to know:

  • The physical card has now an upgraded design which is more secured than before. Only the following are displayed in the front of the card: PayMaya, VISA, and PayWave logos.
  • The PayMaya card can also be used for contactless payments.
  • PayMaya offers free shipping for orders above Php400.00.
  • Delivery for Metro Manila takes 5-7 business days. 
  • Delivery for provincial areas takes 7-10 business days.
PayMaya physical card
  • Make sure that you have money in your account if you’ll be using a physical card. This is a prepaid card and not a credit card.
  • Like the virtual card, it has an expiration date.
  • You can use the physical PayMaya card to withdraw money using a BancNet ATM. Awesome!

Final Thoughts

The physical card is another tool for doing cashless transactions in today’s digital world. Personally, I use it as an alternative to my credit cards. It encourages doing responsible purchases as it is the same as using your own money without bringing actual cash.

If you want to order a physical card online, you may check out this post: How to Order a PayMaya Card Online.

For more information regarding PayMaya cards, you may check PayMaya stories.

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