Review: Dreams to Millions Financial Planner 2019

I love planners and I can never deny it. I’ve been using planners for many years dating back to my college days. I believe that planners guide us, like maps, on how we will steer our lives in the direction that we want to go. I used most of them until the end of the year while a few have entries only in the first few months after purchasing them.

For 2019, I got a planner for free. Yes, you’ve read it right, it’s free! The ‘Dreams to Millions Financial Planner 2019’ is free when you become a member of PhilCrowd, a crowdsourcing platform that I’ve been following ever since its beginnings and have been wanting to be a member for a few months now. It is not just an ordinary planner, it’s a financial planner!

Dreams to millions

The Title: Dreams to Millions

The title ‘Dreams to Millions’ is very captivating. Reading this every day for 365 days can do great wonders. A positive thought is sent to our brains every time we use this planner. This thought perceived by our minds could influence our actions and has the potential to become a reality later on. From the title itself, this planner is a winner!

Look and Feel of Dreams to Millions

The design of this financial planner from the outside to the inside pages is great! It’s a good combination of form and function.

The cover is hardbound which is a good choice in protecting the planner overall. Its surface is smooth and it feels good when holding it. I also love the choice of color for the cover. Green is refreshing to the eyes especially when every minute of the day, we are in front of our computers and gadgets. I also like the fact that keywords/ quotes/ terminologies related to finance are written in the cover in various font families and sizes but still presenting it in a holistic and harmonious way such as ‘Cash Flow’, ‘Be Happy’, ‘Insurance’, ‘Balanced Life’, etc.

Contribute a Tree

For every planner bought, you are contributing something to our environment, specifically, a seedling to a tree-planting activity. I think this is something that makes this planner stand out from the rest.

Learn and be inspired

More than 20 articles are included in the planner with various financial topics such as saving strategies, trading, financial planning, insurance, real estate, etc. The day I got the planner, the first thing that I did is read some of them. I’ve learned a lot and I was inspired by their stories of failures, perseverance, and success.

Monthly budget

There are a lot of apps out there that can track monthly budget and expenses. But if you feel that it’s better to write it down, the planner has pages allotted for this. Items are categorized into Income, Savings/Investment, Expenses. Then at the bottom part is the Total (Income – Savings – Expenses).

Monthly Quotes

Be inspired by monthly quotes printed creatively on a dedicated page. My favorite is “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” by George Addair.

Ipon Challenge

Ipon challenges are a craze nowadays. The one included in the planner is somewhat easy to complete. The first column lists the different peso denominations, the second displays the number of pieces that needed to be ticked, and the third displays the total amount for each row/ denomination. Once completed, you can save 53,750.00.

What Needs to be Improved

As for the things that should be improved, I have two things in mind. First, some pages are not cut properly. Some texts were even lost because of this. Second, in the individual pages, no calendar is displayed. When you are used to looking at a monthly calendar to see all the days when planning, you have to turn to that specific page or use your smartphone calendar.

Final Thoughts on Dreams to Millions

Overall, I greatly recommend this financial planner. I can even conveniently say that this is the best planner that I’ve got. It is where we can record our financial story so that in the future, we can look back and learn again from it. It does not only make our lives be organized but it also makes us be more dedicated, goal-oriented, money-smart, etc towards achieving financial independence in the future.

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  1. December 29, 2019

    […] and designed by Des Feliciano and Krissy Domingo, the cover is hardbound and durable just like Dreams to Millions Financial Planner 2019. I believe it will protect the whole planner so that it could last for many years. Dreams to […]

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