How Much Money Can You Save by Washing your Own Car

Owning a car is very costly. The list of expenses is endless – monthly amortization, preventive maintenance service for every 5,000 km or 10,000 km depending on the dealer where you bought your car, insurance, car washing/waxing, repairs, etc. But do you know that you can save a lot of money by washing your own car? Of course, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’

How much money can you save?

If you have a small car, the standard car washing cost is around Php 100.00. The recommended frequency of washing is weekly. Therefore, in a year, you can save around 5,200.00 (100.00 x 52 weeks). In 2 years, you can save 10,400.00 and so on.

The above computation is very conservative. I’m sure the actual expense is more than that, especially if your car is bigger or if you provide a tip for the carwash boy. Also, it does not include the fuel you spend when going to and from the car wash establishment.

Some car owners also buy snacks and other stuff while waiting for their car and sometimes, it is more expensive than the washing itself.

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What do you need for car washing?

But you might ask, “But in order to wash my own car, I will also spend on car washing accessories?” Yes, that’s true. However, they are not that expensive. Aside from water, you need most importantly the following:

Wash mitt (Php 300.00)
Chamois drying cloth (Php 250.00)
Car shampoo (Php 150.00),
Tire black (Php 100.00),
2 pails (Php 300.00) 

The above is based on mid-range prices and there are many products out there that are much cheaper. You can use them for many months which means there’s a minimal expense if you consider the long-term use. 

What are the non-monetary benefits of washing your own car?

Aside from saving a lot of money, there are non-monetary benefits from washing your own car.

First, since you are home, you spend more time with your family. They can also help and that’s more quality and bonding time for everyone.

Second, you will get to know your own car. There are details inside your car that you will never notice if you’re just driving and not cleaning it.

Third, washing your car is a great exercise. This activity makes you move a lot of your body parts. Imagine the muscles that work when you carry the pail with water and foam, clean the rims, reach for the roof, etc?

What to do with the money saved?

You can allot the saved money to your car’s budget such as preventive maintenance, repairs, or purchases of replacements such as tires, batteries, and other parts. Second, this can be pooled into a savings account such as GCash GSave or an emergency fund.

Final thoughts on washing your own car

Just like cutting your cable subscription, washing your own car is one of the ways to save money. You can save more than 5,000.00 annually if you have a small car. Other than that, there are non-monetary benefits such as having more time with your family.

However, there are exceptions. When there is a water crisis, it is prudent not to wash your car. You may just clean your car when there are harmful substances such as bird droppings. You can use cleaners to remove them. That saves a lot of water. How about you? What are your thoughts on this? Please share in the comment section below. Thanks.

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